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Worldwide Hotel Reservations: Deals on Hotel Reservations Worldwide

We believe that when a customer books a hotel, they deserve the best rates available. Hotels.com.sg promises easy and reliable online hotel booking with the lowest rate you can find.

Search over 1.5 million hotels in more than 12,000 destinations. We partner with a wide range of hotels in terms of quality, rates and location to ensure a delightful stay anywhere you go. That means you can take comfort in knowing Marriott, Hilton, or Hyatt is always an option.

Discover the ideal hotel around the globe for your next holiday or business travel. For your next reservation, get the best rates and services by booking a hotel room with us.

Hotels.com.sg is part of Marvele Travel

In addition to amazing deals on hotel reservations, Hotels.com.sg is part of MarveleTravel.com, a full-service travel agency which also offers the following travel services below.

If you’re looking to organise an event such as your company’s annual dinner in a prestigious hotel, you’ll get the best combination of both worlds, as Marvele is also Singapore’s top event company as attested to by 100’s of corporate clients and business review blogs.

Find the most cost-effective airfares for flights to worldwide destinations.

Find cheap flights and save money on airline tickets to world’s best destinations. Whether you already know where and when you want to travel, or are just seeking some inspiration, Airfares.com.sg is the perfect place to search for airfares, and to plan the best trip befitting your travel budget and needs.

Whether you adore Malaysia Airlines or can’t get enough of ANA All Nippon Airways, we’ll help you find the lowest air travel deals and book cheap airline tickets on the carrier that best suits your style. It’s a great way to get where you need to go and rack up frequent flier miles in the process.

Cruise Reservations: Design Your Relaxing Cruise Holiday

Discover a wide variety of cruise vacation packages to extraordinary destinations. Embark on the perfect journey with a modern luxury cruise experience. As a full-service travel agency, we will make sure that your holiday experience is completely hassle-free from beginning to end, no matter where your cruise departs from.

Get a great price on your next cruise vacation. Experience life on the sea with our most popular cruises such as Diamond Princess, Voyager of the Seas, Costa Fortuna, and many more. Better yet, treat yourself and your loved ones to the extravagances and first-class amenities of our luxury liners.

Start planning now and get the most out of your upcoming cruise vacation with multiple destinations and length available. Cruises.com.sg makes booking affordable cruises easy. All you have to do is to set the course and let our crew take care of the rest.

Luxury Resorts Reservations: Worldwide Resort Deals At Low Prices

Revitalize, refuel and relax! Take advantage of the best deals of alluring luxury resort packages at Resorts.com.sg. Indulge in the exceptional accommodations and services that come standard, while enjoying extras to make your stay memorable. If you are looking to host an elegant private event, a tailor-made corporate or social retreat, there is simply no better place than our selection of world’s best resorts.

What’s more, we can spoil you with the best deals on vacation packages, inviting you to explore marvelous destinations nearby. If you are looking for the perfect dose of turquoise sea and tropical sun, or more liberty in exploring an amusement park, we can arrange the itinerary and everything to make your stay even more remarkable.

Package Reservations: Widest Choices of Getaway Travel Deals

Escape the mundane and remember what it’s all about: time spent together enjoying the company of the one you love most. At Getaways.com.sg, we make it easy for you to plan the getaways you’ve been dreaming. Enjoy the flexibility of creating a vacation package that fits your family’s preferences, size and budget.

But wait, if all snooze makes for a dull getaway, having some activities planned would definitely perk up your companions. And what better way to arrange than to reach out to a reputable event management company in Singapore such as Marvele.com.

If you love to travel but hate the hassle of planning, our inexpensive vacations and our aforementioned event planning service are about to become your new best friends. From colorful little spots to oh-so-luxurious resorts, we combine value and convenience into one unbeatable package. Simply pick your favorite destination, and we’ll provide you with the best deals and a top selection of all-inclusive vacations.

Land Tours Reservations

Looking to explore new sights and sounds? Landtours.com.sg will find you the greatest deals on land vacation packages. We will work with you to find the perfect land vacation that meets your interest and budget, plus high-quality, great-value resorts to spend the night.

Don’t let currency conversions and language barriers be an obstacle. Let us handle all the hassles, while you have all the fun watching scenery. Wildlife viewing in a national park or a scenic drive through the ocean road might be closer than you think if you book your seat today via Land Tours.

Railway Travel Reservations

Rails.com.sg is a leading supplier of rail vacations and train travel packages offering the largest selection of train trips, escorted rail tours, luxury train journeys and custom vacations to destinations around the world. We have traveled far and wide to hand-pick some of the most stunning locations for your trip.

Travel the world by rails for the journey of a lifetime. Ride luxurious trains and see the best views with our tour packages. We offer Eurail Pass, Japan Rail Pass, Taiwan High-Speed Rail, and more pass that is a must for land travelers.

Imagine the breathtaking architecture of Paris and Rome as well as the quaint countryside views in between. Or maybe you’d rather see cherry blossoms or falling leaves or in Japan? Whichever way you go — north to south or east to west — we’ll clear all the obstacles of travelling by rail.

Special Fares for Overseas Workers

Want to save even more? Good news! We are able to get special prices for overseas labour workers and seamen who are travelling for work. These deals are on LabourFares.com. You will be able find special discounted rates for selected airlines and flights from time to time.

Additionally, check MarveleTravel.com and any of its subsidiary website regularly, or subscribe to our newsletter to know about our latest travel deals, hotel offers, and any other promotions. Save more, travel more!

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